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La acest concurs am participat cu ilustrata maximă Ghionoaia verde (Picus viridis)

Picus viridisTITLE: GREEN WOODPECKER (Picus viridis)

This maximum card was created by Alexandru Antonache, member of the Bucharest Association of Philatelists. The stamp, which appeared on 9 February 2016, is part of a series of four stamps under the theme “Woodpeckers”. The stamp presents the Picus viridis (Green woodpecker). The postcard support is created by Allex Collection at Tipografia FullColor. The first day, București cancellation shows the image of a woodpecker, giving the maximum card triple concordance.

Woodpeckers are part of the Picidae family. They can be found all over the world except for Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar and the polar regions. There are approximately 200 species of woodpeckers and they mostly live in the woods, with the exception of a few species which live in hills, mountainous areas or deserts. Most the species are endangered or critically endangered due to changes in their habitat.

Woodpeckers mainly feed on insects and larvae from trees, other arthropods, nuts and fruits. Woodpeckers have a vital ecologic role as they aid in maintaining healthy trees.. They have distinguished themselves by their ability to find larvae inside wood.

Picus viridis (European green woodpecker) is a bird form the Picidae family, has a length of approximately 30 cm, with a green and yellow coat, red crown and gray beak and legs. In Romania it can be found all year round mainly in small woodlands, hills and plains areas.


Iată punctajele obținute:

Cards were submitted by 21 countries and 29 countries voted. The full results of the votes for the cards are:

Card country      Votes

Russia                   102

Brasil                       54

Netherlands            54

China                       39

France                     36

Spain                       36

Romania                 30

Greece                    27

Andorra                   21

Malaysia                  21

Slovenia                  21

Czech Republic      15

United Nations       15

Finland                   12

Aland                        9

Mexico                     9

Poland                      9

Italy                           6

Bulgaria                    3

USA                          3

Canada                     0


The clear winner was the Russian card with the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, St Petersburg.

Other cards showed a variety of subjects.

My thanks to Pascal Bandry for organising the 2016 Competition.

Kind regards –

Jenny Banfield


Nu știu dacă se votează ca la Eurovision, dar consider ca am obținut un punctaj bun, iar locul 7 este printre cele mai bune obținute de România in ultimii ani.

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  1. Felicitări pentru rezultat!


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